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A Place for Your Private Psychotherapy Notes

Introducing your therapy companion. Create rich journal entries to explore insights and facilitate your growth between sessions.

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Guide your journaling
with expert prompts

Each lesson is intentionally designed to bring out rich insights about yourself and make more effective use of therapy.

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Share entries with your therapist!

80+ journaling lessons
for wherever life has you

Build your relationship with yourself as you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

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Experience and organize your journaling sessions

Group your entries by sessions so you can witness your unique journey and growth over time.

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Explore advanced
lessons on psychology

Learn the theories behind our prompts so you can make lasting changes in your life.

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Let's get started!

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Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

Nationwide demand for mental healthcare is greater than ever and there
simply aren’t enough clinicians to meet the current need. 


We help clinicians accommodate more clients by reducing their average session frequency. Therapy Journal assists clinicians to make more effective use of their sessions, while clients can also maintain a sense of engagement outside of the therapy hour.


HIPAA Compliant and Encrypted to Protect Your Privacy


Hear It from Our Customers

"My psychiatrist wanted something for me to track my moods and triggers for my PTSD, anxiety, depression and self harm. I haven’t found anything we both can easily understand and I can keep track of until I found this by random. Such a simple and awesome gem!"

- Claudia

How Do We
Make Your Life Easier? 

Manage your mood between sessions

Practice what you learned from therapy

Share more with your therapist

Catch up a new therapist more quickly

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